A recent article on business IT by Forbes contributor Mike Kavis offers sound, high-level benchmarks that will help business owners and executives better evaluate their IT.

The IT landscape has grown incredibly complex in terms of the options it presents to business, and the power it enables to grow and scale. At the same time, business is increasingly challenged be faster – faster to seize new revenue opportunities, faster to respond to competitors’ moves, and faster to market.

Because business can leverage IT to create competitive advantage, some (the winners) will.

In addressing the growing complexity in IT, Kavis rightly suggests that, to be effective, IT must focus on adding value by:

  • maintaining a deep understanding of the business
  • identifying and leveraging core technologies needed to support business
  • being willing to give up control
  • outsourcing effectively to maximize business agility

For many business owners and executives, a trusted adviser and IT services partner can bring the perspective needed to evaluate the opportunities and threats posed by technology, and help develop and execute an effective plan.