Titanic takes the Oscar.
The House takes Clinton to task.
Capital Software takes on its first mobile app development project.

Among developers of mobile apps, we just may stand alone. With over 15 years’ experience across multiple platforms, from vintage “rugged” handheld computers to those running the latest from Apple and Android, we’ve pioneered functional, practical and profitable mobile apps for business. We can even bring mobility to older legacy systems, including AS/400 mobile apps.

Built on experience, our approach covers every aspect of a successful enterprise mobile app development initiative. From planning and design, to development, testing and integration, and finally to deployment and ongoing management, we guide you every step of the way.

This App is no Island.

“App” is such an innocent little word. As consumers, we naturally think of apps as simple software: sail on over to the App Store, download and you’re all set. Re-engineering business processes using a mobile app? Not so much.

If you’re looking for a simple standalone app or a mobile/responsive website, we can probably direct you to someone who can help. But if you need a robust, integrated mobile experience that drives real business results, we are definitely your team.

Slow. is. a. no. Go.


It’s the kiss of death for mobile software: a slow app is no app. Users simply won’t play the waiting game, and your initiative will fail. In choosing the software used to create your app, your developer can effectively set your speed limit. That’s why only use high-performance tools, to ensure your app flies.

Mobilizing your culture will be challenging enough. We won’t make it impossible by handing you a tortoise.

Game over.


Once developed, to you’ll be deploying and managing an enterprise mobile app across a fleet of devices. And it’s not fun and games. Your plan will need to insure that company data can’t be compromised or end up in the wrong hands.

Yes, there are winning moves, so yes, you can still play. Look to us for complete application life-cycle management – the complete solution – from concept and design through deployment and ongoing management.