PatriciaCapital Software Consultants, Inc. (CSCI) is proud to announce that Patricia LeBecq has earned her certification as Project Management Professional (PMP).  Awarded by the Project Management Institute (PMI), this certification signifies Patricia’s proficiency at leading a project from conception to completion.  To earn this credential, she had to fulfill the stringent requirements of the PMP certification.

“Patricia’s commitment to developing new skills and strategies for project management will greatly benefit our clients.  She is excellent at working with clients and guiding them through projects as well as ensuring essential coordination between the clients and our services team.  This leads to optimal success for our clients,” stated CEO Phil McLeod.  He added, “Project management skills are essential for the complex projects we are faced with today. This certification shows Patricia’s commitment to her profession and her dedication to providing the highest level of service to our clients.”

LeBecq joined Capital Software in March 2014 after twelve years managing projects and a software development team for a regional law firm.