Capital Software has been supporting clients on IBM i-Series and AS/400 systems for over 20 years.

Our services include:

  • Risk Mitigation – Our client partnerships assure continuous operations for businesses with a small IT staff.
  • Staff Augmentation – when additional technical resources are needed, our veteran technicians are available to help.
  • Consulting – our experience in multiple installations and multiple industries provides perspective.
  • Customization – our skilled software developers work on the platform daily

Extending the Value of your IBM System

A growing number of clients are leveraging our experience in web and graphical development to extend the value of their IBM investment:

  • Web-enablement – we’re experts at building secure, solid business web applications that communicate with your IBM
  • Intranets –we offer a pre-built Intranet framework that provides a readily deployable, fully scalable and more cost-effective option to burdensome solutions like SharePoint
  • “Dashboards” – transform tabular reporting to next-generation graphical presentations of your financial and operational data, directly from your IBM

Mobile Applications that Integrate to the IBM i-Series

As developers of enterprise custom software applications, we’ve integrated mobile devices with the IBM Power platform all the way back to 1998. Thousands of them. Today, our capability to create native applications for both iPad and Android systems is transforming processes for clients in field sales, service, inspection and manufacturing businesses. And unlike “app developers,” we know and deliver a complete solution – from concept and design, to backend integration to security and mobile device management (MDM).

If you’re running your business on an AS/400 or i-Series, we should know each other. Join our IBM “community”: we would be pleased to meet you and share ideas, and if a need arises, we’d be delighted to help.