Since 1991, Capital Software Consultants, Inc. (CSCI) has helped business clients make technology a strategic asset. Although we’re technologists, clients say their successes have been a product of our integrity – our capacity to listen, understand and place their needs above ours.

With trust, great things can happen. And they have.

We’ve been very fortunate to be a partner in some special relationships and special results; we look forward to the possibility of working with you.



Phil McLeod
Founder & CEO

What we do

We’re a different kind of tech business

  • We’re not web designers
  • We don’t offer contract IT talent
  • We don’t sell phone systems

We help you leverage the ideal technology to support your business strategy and give you the greatest possible competitive advantage.

We identify opportunity, plan and develop solutions and provide complete support throughout your enterprise.

Who we help

Most often, our clients:

  • are businesses in competitive markets
  • are committed to growth
  • believe in being lean and efficient
  • know and nurture their core competency
  • seek out and commit to value-adding business partnerships
  • see technology and data as assets to be fully exploited

How we work

We engage clients through a unique process that blends tech-awareness (what’s possible), a business perspective (what’s practical) and specific domain expertise (what’s worked). Our resources include:

  • business analysts
  • database specialists
  • security engineers
  • project managers
  • programmers

We’re skilled on computing platforms ranging from legacy systems, to the cloud, to mobile and handheld.


Phil McLeodFounder & CEO
After selling his interest in local IBM Business Partner DataSolutions, Phil co-founded Capital Software in 1991 to provide custom software development, mobile app development and related IT services. As hardware and software marched toward commoditization, Phil understood the business need was for solutions calling for technology guidance, development and support. In creating CapSoft’s distinctive offering, he blended technology know-how with domain expertise, delivered through the Agile Engagement Model, our signature service platform. The CapSoft team delivers this high level of service ethically and honestly to grow successful, long-term business partnerships.
Patricia LeBecq, PMPProject Management
Patricia joined Capital Software in March 2014 after twelve years managing IT projects and a development team for a regional law firm. With experience in operations, administration and project management, she offers a well-rounded, practical and professional perspective in guiding client engagements and projects. 
John deLoachBusiness Development
John joined Phil and the team in January 2014. With twenty years as the CEO of a small manufacturing business, and ten in IT and accounting, John helps business owners and executives develop a quick, high-level assessment of their technology gaps and risks, and understand the options available to them, whether through Capital Software, or other more appropriate service providers in the market.